Ikarus has created sounds for synthesizers and samplers since 1986 starting with hardware like Roland SH 101, Korg M1, Clavia Nord Lead, Ensoniq ASR 10 and many others.

In the last 10 years software synths have become his main goal in programming fresh new sounds.

Here are some of Ikarus personal libraries for some of them.


Omnisphere 2 Logo

Brandnew artists library containing 154 new breathtaking organic electronic patches for Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2 plus many new samples of different organic instruments and electronic sounds for the Omnisphere library.

From didgeridoos to Duduks all synthesized through the new Version 2 possibilities in Omnisphere 2.

Unheard droning organic synths, ethnic instruments, bpm pulsing synths, crazy filter effects, pads, soundscapes, new V 2 wavetable sounds,new synth basses, classic synth sounds…



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Omnisphere 2 Logo