Brandnew artists library containing 154 new breathtaking organic electronic patches for Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2 plus many new samples of different organic instruments and electronic sounds for the Omnisphere library. From didgeridoos to Duduks all synthesized through the new Version 2 possibilities in Omnisphere 2.

Unheard droning organic synths, ethnic instruments, bpm pulsing synths, crazy filter effects, pads, soundscapes, new V 2 wavetable sounds,new synth basses, classic synth sounds…

154 Brandnew patches
  32 New multis
 44 user new soundsources (new samples)

Important: You need Spectrasonics Omnisphere Version 2.1.0 d or later to load these sounds!!!

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Check out the Sound Demos – these are all single patches!
“These sounds have a beautiful liveliness and organic feel to them. Everything rattles and hums in a way that makes you feel like someone is playing these instruments for you… Only in a new and exciting way. Everything is set-up perfectly and you can tell that Ikarus put a lot of time into making these sounds sound just right.” David Rosen - Award winning Producer & Composer

“This soundset sounds awesome! I really like the new soundsources like didgeridoo, Indian tampura and duduk. They sound so crazy with the new Omnisphere 2 synth engine. Ikarus Ethnicity is suitable for styles like electronic, dance music, film, ambient and many other styles” John


“The BPM synths are suberb, so much going on there. Crazy!”


“The perfect soundset for the electronic musician. Everything has an organic feel to it”